Californians called many migrants “Okies” because

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Californians called many migrants “Okies” because

1.)the migrants worked in the fruit-picking industry.
2.)the migrants were old and ready to retire.
3.)Californians wanted to discriminate against them.
4.)Californians wanted to welcome them.


Californians called many migrants “Okies” because  1.)the migrants worked in the fruit-picking industry.

The people whom the Californians labeled as “Okies” were farmers from the South who were trying to escape the Dust Bowl and the worsening economic condition initiated by the mechanization of agriculture.

When they arrived in California, they were not welcomed by the locals and they were made to dwell in squatter camps and hustle for the few available jobs.

So, option 1 describes the main reason why the migrants from the South were called “Okies.”

Learn more about the Okies here:

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