Which TWO sentences best define mood in literature?

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Which TWO sentences best define mood in literature?

1.the attitude of a writer toward the audience
2.the atmosphere that the writer creates
3.the emotions that a literary work evokes
4.the attitude of a writer toward the subject
5.the interpretation of themes by the reader


The sentences best describing the mood on the literature are:

  • The atmosphere that the writer creates, and
  • the emotions that a literary work evokes.

The atmosphere created by the writer and the emotions hidden in the literary work is the items that contribute some feelings for the audience in the literature. This helps the audience to connect through the:

  • tone of writer
  • setting of words
  • dictions of phrases or
  • the theme of the content.

The reasons for other options:

  • the attitude of the writer towards the audience and the subject are not reflected in the literature.
  • the interpretation of the themes by the reader will not affect the literature as the readersviews will come later.
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Therefore it can be said that the atmosphere and the emotions of literature connect the writer to the reader.

To know more about the mood in literature, refer to the link:

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