Which of the following is NOT a type of neuron?

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Which of the following is NOT a type of neuron?

sensory neuron
motor neuron
response neuron


Response neuron is not a kind of neuron.  

• The cells, which forms the brain and the nervous system are the neurons.  

• They are the basic units, which transmit and attain signals that permits one to move the muscles, form memories, and feel the external world, and think.  

• For the spinal cord there are three kinds of neurons, that is, motor, sensory, and interneurons.  

• The nerve cells, which are stimulated by sensory input from the environment are known as the sensory neurons.  

• The neurons of the spinal cord that associates with the glands, muscles, and organs all over the body are known as the motor neurons.  

• The neurons, which connect spinal motor and sensory neurons are known as the interneurons.  

• The response neuron is not a kind of neuron known.  

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Thus, option d, that is, response neuron is the right answer.

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