A food worker needs to thaw frozen fish fillets. How should the food worker thaw the fish?

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A food worker needs to thaw frozen fish fillets. How should the food worker thaw the fish?

A. Submerge the fish in hot water
B. Place the fish in hot-holding equipment
C. Submerge the fish under cold-running water
D.place the fish in the counter for a few hours
Please help. Thanks.



C. Submerge the fish under cold-running water.


The best way to thaw frozen fish fillets is to submerge them under cold-running water, this way the fish will be preserve natural and fresh. Actually, if we use hot water or something like that, the fresh meat won’t be natural and even a bit cooked, which is not useful for chefs, because they won’t offer to costumers overcooked meals.

It’s important to consider that fish meat is more susceptible to heat than beef this means, that fish is easier to ruin it with less heat, there are even some type of fish that is only cooked with lemon and vinegar.

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