Thomas Paine’s Common Sense convinced colonists to:

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Thomas Paine’s Common Sense convinced colonists to:

A. harass British soldiers on the street.
B. begin exporting their own goods.
C. go their own way and revolt.
D. rebel against the authority of the French.


The effect of people reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was that it convinced them to C. go their own way and revolt.

What was Thomas Paine’s Common Sense ?

  • A publications in which Thomas Paine argued that the British controlling the colonies made little sense.
  • He argued that not only were the British smaller, but that they were too far to exercise proper authority and were maltreating the colonists.

When colonists read this, they were reasonable outraged and encouraged to rebel. Even though this publication did not contribute solely to the Revolutionary War, it helped.

In conclusion, option C is correct.

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