Which of the following requires constant agonist-antagonist muscle contractions?

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Which of the following requires constant agonist-antagonist muscle contractions?

Core integration
Postural development
Dynamic balance
Neuromuscular strength


Dynamic balance is the condition that requires constant agonist-antagonist muscle contractions.

The agonist-antagonist muscle contraction is the movement where one muscle contracts while the other muscle is relaxing or lengthening. The muscle contracts are agonist whereas the muscle that relaxes is the antagonist here.

  • Core integration: In such conditions, the constant movement of muscle contraction and relaxation does not require. It is a specific movement and increased stability of the movements.
  • Postural development: continuous development and growth of postural muscles comprising the nervous system
  • Dynamic balance: It would be the ability to balance in motion or changing positions. In this case, muscles require constant both agonist and antagonist contractions
  • Neuromuscular strength: motor commands according to the central nervous system to the ability to move in the nervous system, hence it does not require constant muscle movements.
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Thus, the correct answer is – Dynamic balance.

Learn more about dynamic balance:

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