Which number produces a rational number when added to 0.5?

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Which number produces a rational number when added to 0.5?

A. –1.73205081…
B. 1/4
C. 0.54732871…
D. √3



Option B is correct 1/4.

Step-by-step explanation:

To find : Which number produces a rational number when added to 0.5?

Solution :

A rational number is defined as number written in simple fraction or in p/q form.

An irrational number is defined as number which cannot be written in p/q form.

We know that,

A rational number adding a rational number gives you a rational number.

A rational number adding an irrational number gives you a irrational number.

Now we take each option and check.

Option A : -1.73205081…

Number has no end and have infinite number of digits so it is irrational number.

No, this number not produce a rational number.

Option B : 1/4=0.25

Number is in form p/q so it is rational number.

Yes, this number produce a rational number.

0.25+0.5=0.75 a rational number.

Option C : 0.54732871…

Option D :

cannot be written in ratio so it is irrational number.

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