Which sentence uses correct capitalization?

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Which sentence uses correct capitalization?

A. Referring to her book, Truth and Justice Donna Atwood said,
writing is a journey
B. Referring to her book, Truth and Justice, Donna Atwood said,
“Writing is a journey
C. Referring to her Book Truth and Justice Donna Atwood said,
“Writing is a Journey
D. Referring to her book, Truth And Justice Donna Atwood said,
“Writing is a journey


The sentence uses correct capitalisation is option B. ‘ Referring to her book, Truth and Justice, Donna Atwood said, “Writing is a journey.” ‘

What is capitalisation in English Grammar?

  • The process of capitalising words (making their first letter a capital letter) is known as capitalisation (an uppercase letter).
  • It can also relate to the state of being capitalised. When composing a title (for example, for a blog article), practically every word in the title is capitalised. This is referred to as title case. Books, articles, songs, albums, television series, periodicals, and movies are all written in title case. In most cases, capitalisation isn’t used to every word in a title. Smaller words are not capitalised, such as a, an, and the. In the title, important nouns and verbs are capitalised.
  • Regardless of whether the words the letters represent begin with capital letters, every letter in an acronym should be capitalised.
  • A sentence’s initial word is always capitalised.
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Therefore, many people casually hurl capital letters around, despite the fact that proper capitalisation is one of the cornerstones of sound language. Not all words are worthy of being capitalised. The majority of grammar rules specify which words should be capitalised.

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