Which statement is true of jet streams?

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Which statement is true of jet streams?

A. The subtropical jet stream flows to the east, while the polar jet
stream flows to the west.
B. The polar jet stream lies between the polar easterlies and trade
c. The subtropical jet stream lies between the westerlies and polar
D. The polar jet stream is generally stronger than the subtropical jet



The largest contrast in temperatures between cells, which forms jet streams, occurs between the Ferrel and Polar cells, and especially during Winter. This forms a strong polar jet stream with high-speed that can exceed 120 km/h.


There are usually 3 circulating air masses from the equator to the poles on either hemisphere. These cells are called the Hadley, Ferrel and Polar cells. The polar jet stream occurs between the Ferrel and Polar cells while the subtropic jet stream occurs between the Ferrel and Polar cells. These jet streams occur due to the temperature difference between the air masses of the cells.

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These jet streams are high altitude narrowing blowing winds. They occur in the tropopause and blow at speed of 120 to 250 mph.

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