How did the Iran-Contra scandal hurt Ronald Reagan’s image?

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How did the Iran-Contra scandal hurt Ronald Reagan’s image?

A. It contradicted Reaganomics.
B. It made the military look weak.
C. It went against the Reagan Doctrine.
O D. It made him look dishonest.


The correct answer is D) It made him look dishonest.

The Iran-Contra scandal hurt Ronald Reagan’s image in that it made him look dishonest.

This Iran-Contra scandal raised many questions about Reagan and his administration. The incident made many American people doubt the honesty of the President’s comments.

It was Oliver North who masterminded the plan to use the proceeds of the “arms for hostages” deal to fund the Nicaraguan rebels in what became known as the Iran–Contra scandal.

The plan was a secret one and including the selling of weapons and missiles to Lebanon in order to free American hostages. The funds from the weapons were used to support the Contras in Nicaragua. United President Ronald Reagan instructed Robert McFarland, National Security Advisor- to support the Contras in the armed conflict in Nicaragua.

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