Which of the following is covered by health codes

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Which of the following is covered by health codes


The aspect that is not related to the sanitary code is the personal hygiene of the consumers.

What are the health codes?

Sanitary codes are a set of regulations that establish the minimum sanitary guidelines for the correct operation of a public food establishment. It establishes all the protocols and activities that must be carried out to prevent the propagation of bacteria.

According to the foregoing, it can be inferred that the aspect that is not related to the sanitary code is the buyer’s hygiene because he/she is not part of the staff that works in the public food establishment.

Additionally, he/she does not directly affect the operation of the establishment and is not under the guidelines of it.

Note: This question is incomplete because the is some information missing. Here is the complete question:

Which of the following is not covered by the health code?

  • Labeling requirements.
  • Sanitizing the food establishment.
  • Training food service employees.
  • Personal hygiene of customers.
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