How did Sun Yat-Sen support democracy in China?

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How did Sun Yat-Sen support democracy in China?A.Sun Yat-Sen was influenced by the Soviet Union.
B.Sun Yat-Sen promoted imperial rule.
C.Sun Yat-Sen promoted the right of people to elect their government.
D.Sun Yat-Sen favored a command economy.



C. Sun Yat-Sen promoted the right of people to elect their government.


Sun Yat-Sen articulated the guideline of majority rules system which implied self-rule, and the privilege to review disagreeable and degenerate pioneers. He established the Nationalist Party that rose as the biggest political gathering in the National Assembly of 1912. Be that as it may, how about we stake a stage back and see what Sen completed seven years back.  

In 1905, Sun Yat-sen united with the counter monarchist powers in Hawaii and shaped the Tongmeghul Alliance. This body effectively partook in the counter Qing development and aided in its topple in 1912. That year, when races to the National Assembly were held, Sun did not get the expected numbers to shape his administration. By and by, these races established the framework of majority rules system in the Republic of China.  

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In the following races that were held in December 1912, Sen’s gathering got the required greater part and eventually framed the administration. Be that as it may, there were not kidding disputes inside the gathering which at last prompted its disintegration and defeat.  

In the interregnum, Sun and his associates restricted the possibility of established government a thought whose sponsor were followers of the Qing administration.

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