Write (9m) ^4 without exponents.

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Write (9m) ^4 without exponents.


The value of the expression (9m)⁴ without applying the property of the exponent is 6561m⁴.

What is an exponent?

Exponential notation is the form of mathematical shorthand which allows us to write complicated expressions more succinctly. An exponent is a number or letter is called the base. It indicates that the base is to raise to a certain power. X is the base and n is the power.

The expression is (9m)⁴.

The value of the expression (9m)⁴ without applying the property of the exponent will be

→ 9m × 9m × 9m × 9m

→ 6561m⁴

More about the exponent link is given below.

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