Which sentence most clearly uses personification?

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Which sentence most clearly uses personification?A. His cat is basically just a pillow that sometimes moves around.
B. Sunlight came down in beams through gaps in the forest canopy.
C. An avalanche of candy bars tumbled down the conveyor belt.
D. A wise old tree had kept watch over the ranch since the 1920s.


The sentence that uses personification is D. A wise old tree had kept watch over the ranch since the 1920s.

  • Personification is a figurative expression that uses non-human objects in a manner that the non-human objects take actions that are done by human beings.
  • Personification means that human characteristics are attributed to non-human personalities. Just imagine “a wise tree keeping watch over a ranch!”

  • Personification is not like a metaphor where something is said to be another thing. For example, “His cat is a moving pillow.”

Thus, the sentence that uses personification most clearly is D.

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