A population of beetles are kept in a controlled ecosystem. No beetles are

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A population of beetles are kept in a controlled ecosystem. No beetles areallowed to enter or leave. The graph below shows the population of beetles.
Beetle Population
Population size
Which best describes the ecosystem at Point A?
A. The death rate is higher than the birthrate.
B. It has reached carrying capacity.
C. There is no competition for resources.
D. The population is decreasing.



According to what is observed in point A of the graph, referring to the population of beetles, there is no competition for resources.


The graph shows that a controlled population of beetles, where other individuals do not enter or leave, experiences progressive growth over time. This is because the population has sufficient resources to guarantee their development, the birth rate exceeds that of mortality and there is no competition for these resources.

The adequate amount of resources allows that, at point A, the carrying capacity has not been reached, a consequence of no competition among members of the same species, which ensures that the net population growth rate is maintained or even increase.

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