Which statement contains an example of a logical fallacy?

Students were asked to answer a question at institution and to assert what is most important for them to succeed. One which response stood out from the rest was practice. Successful people are not always born successful; they become successful from hard work and persistence. This is how you can attain your goals. followed below are one of the answer and question example that you could implement to practice and enhance your understanding and also give you insights that can assist you to sustain your study in school.


Which statement contains an example of a logical fallacy?A. The weather in San Diego is some of the best I’ve ever seen.
B. Our basketball team is the best because we are so awesome.
C. That candidate had voted against the law seven times before.
D. Adults watch an average of five hours of television per day.


A logical fallacy is defined as an error in logic which is ordinary enough to not be taken into account. One should know how to determine fallacies in a piece of work or dialogue, or anything that involves statements. This skill can save your work’s dignity plus your time.

Further, these fallacies are divided into two sections- formal and informal fallacies.  On one hand, the form of formal fallacies is inappropriate; the ideas mentioned are arranged in an incorrect fashion. While, in informal fallacies, the arrangement of the ideas is not a problem but the terminology used, somehow, doesn’t support the main scheme.

Here, in this query, Option-“B” reflects logical fallacy. As we all understand, the word “awesome” is not a logical evidence for proving why a team is at the top in a game- basketball here. It is an example of the Informal fallacy.

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From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they might possibly guide the student solve the question they had been looking for and take notice of all the pieces stated in the answer above. You can then have a discussion with your classmate and continue the school learning by studying the subject together.

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