Which polynomial is prime? x3 + 3×2 – 2x – 6 x3 – 2×2 + 3x – 6 4×4 + 4×3 – 2x – 2 2×4 + x3 – x + 2

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Which polynomial is prime? x3 + 3×2 – 2x – 6 x3 – 2×2 + 3x – 6 4×4 + 4×3 – 2x – 2 2×4 + x3 – x + 2


In this exercise we have to use the knowledge of prime polynomials to find what cannot be factored, so we have;

A) Can be factored.

B) Can be factored.
C) Can be factored.
D) Can’t be factored.

What is prime polynomial?

Is a base form of a polynomial in other words is a polynomial that can’t be factored.

So we have to:





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