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10.Which statement correctly describes carbon fixation?
a. the conversion of CO2 to an organic compound
b. the use of RuBisCO to form 3-PGA
c. the production of carbohydrate molecules from G3P
d. the formation of RuBP from G3P molecules
e. the use of ATP and NADPH to reduce CO2


Carbon fixation refers to the conversion of carbon dioxide to an organic compound.

What is carbon fixation?

It is the process by which autotrophs fix atmospheric carbon to produce organic compounds. It is the assimilation of inorganic carbon and its transformation to organic compounds. This can be used as the storage of energy and for the production of biomolecules.

All the autotrophs fix atmospheric carbon dioxide by the phenomenon of chemosynthesis or photosynthesis. The main process of carbon fixation is the photosynthesis. The process of carbon fixation takes place in the light-independent reaction or dark reaction of the process of photosynthesis.

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Thus, the correct statement is option a.

Find out more information about carbon fixation here:

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