Which statement is true about ∠BPD?

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Which statement is true about ∠BPD?It is adjacent to ∠APC.
It is complementary to ∠BPC.
It is congruent to ∠APC.
It is linear to ∠APC.


Option C:

∠BPD congruent to ∠APC.


To find which statement is true about ∠BPD.

Option A: It is adjacent to ∠APC.

∠BPD adjacent to ∠APD and ∠BPC.

So, it is not adjacent to ∠APC.

Hence it is false statement.

Option B: It is complementary to ∠BPC.

In a straight line adjacent angles are supplementary.

In straight line CD, ∠BPC + ∠BPD = 180°.

So, ∠BPD is supplementary to ∠BPC.

Option C: It is congruent to ∠APC.

∠APC and ∠BPD are vertically opposite angles.

If two lines are intersect, then vertically opposite angles are congruent.

So, ∠BPD ≅ ∠APC.

Hence it is true statement.

Option D: It is linear to ∠APC.

∠APC and ∠BPD are not adjacent angles.

So they did not form a linear pair.

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Therefore, option C is the correct answer.

∠BPD congruent to ∠APC.

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