Which table of values corresponds to the graph below?

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Which table of values corresponds to the graph below?



The second chart with points (0, -2), (1, -1), (2, 0) and (4, 2).

Step-by-step explanation:

We can see from the graph that when the x-coordinate is 0, the y-coordinate is -2. When the x-coordinate is 1, the y-coordinate is -1.  When the x-coordinate is 2, the y-coordinate is 0.  When the x-coordinate is 3, the y-coordinate is 1.  When the x-coordinate is 4, the y-coordinate is 2.

What do u mean by coordinate?

1: to put in the same order or rank. 2: to bring into common action, movement, or condition: harmonize coordinate schedules She’ll be coordinating the relief effort. 3: to attach so as to form a coordination complex.

What is an example of a coordinate?

A set of values that show an exact position. On graphs it is usually a pair of numbers: the first number shows the distance along, and the second number shows the distance up or down. For example, the point (12,5) is 12 units long, and 5 units up.

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