What is not a characteristic of blank verse?

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What is not a characteristic of blank verse? a. rhyme
b. a set meter
c. a set foot
d. point 2. true or false: you can trust a dissembler. 3. what is the setting of the play?
a. sixteenth century italy.
b. sixteenth century england
c. renaissance rome


There are different kinds of terms. The characteristic that is not from a blank verse is  Rhyme.

  • A dissembler is one that disguise or conceal his true nature or motives behind a false appearance so it is a false statement.
  • The setting of Romeo and Juliet take place on sixteenth century Italy.

What is Blank verse

This is known to be a type of poetry that is often written with regular metrical but also with unrhymed lines.

The blank verse example is to die- to sleep. Here, rhythm used is often biased towards a pattern where an unstressed syllable is accompanied by a stressed one.

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