Explain the ambiguity of the boldfaced text.

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Explain the ambiguity of the boldfaced text.


We can explain the ambiguity in the text “I made her other Morse code jewelry with dad’s messages – a necklace, an anklet, some dangly earrings, a tiara – but the bracelet was definitely the most beautiful, probably because it was the last, which made it the most precious,” in the following manner:

– The text is ambiguous because it is not clear what the word “last” is referring to. It could refer to the jewelry as well as the message.

What is ambiguity?

  • Ambiguity happens when a text allows for more than one interpretation of its meaning.
  • Take this sentence as an example: “Lisa saw her sister, but she didn’t talk to her.” Now, who didn’t talk to whom. Was it Lisa who didn’t talk to her sister? Or was it her sister who didn’t talk to Lisa?

Why is the text ambiguous?

  • The sentence we are analyzing here is ambiguous because the word “last” does not have a clear antecedent.
  • It is impossible to know if the speaker is talking about the last piece of jewelry or their father’s last message.

Learn more about ambiguity here:

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