Which legal issue complicates the use of AEDs to save lives?

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Which legal issue complicates the use of AEDs to save lives?A- limited usefulness
B- legal liability
C- AED cost
D- ease of use


The legal issue that complicates the use of AEDs to save lives is AEDs training.

The AED’s training refers to the knowledge and abilities required to assist a person with the help of an AED in the event of a heart attack.

This matter has become a legal issue because in many states the training of officials in AED has been included as a requirement in some workplaces and public places to act if required.

Therefore, this complicates the use of the AED since if a medical emergency occurs the person that uses the AED needs to be trained.

Indeed, an untrained person should not use it (despite the device telling them how to do it) because they are not trained for this.

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