Which of the following BEST describes temperature? *

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Which of the following BEST describes temperature? *The total kinetic energy in a system
O The average kinetic energy of a system
O The amount of heat in a system
How hot or cold something is


The option which best describes temperature is: B. The average kinetic energy of a system.

Temperature is simply a measure of the degree of hotness or coldness of an object.

Basically, the temperature of an object is measured with a thermometer and its units are;

  • Celsius (°C).
  • Kelvin (K).
  • Fahrenheit (°F).

Kinetic energy can be defined as an energy possessed by an object due to its motion from one point to another.

On a related note, temperature is the average amount of kinetic energy of motion in a system.

Hence, as the molecules move (motion) more quickly in a system, the temperature of the system increases due to the absorption of heat and an increase in the average kinetic energy of the system.

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