Which number is farthest from 2 on the number line?

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Which number is farthest from 2 on the number line?StartRoot 2.1 EndRoot
StartRoot 2.4 EndRoot
StartRoot 2.5 EndRoot
StartRoot 2.9 EndRoot


From the options provided, the number that is farthest from 2 on the number line is √2.1.

What number is futherest from 2?

The square root of a number is one half of a number.For example, the square root of 64 is 8. This is because 8 multiplied by 8 is equal yo 64. The sign used to represent square root is √.

  • √2.1 = 1.45
  • √2.4 = 1.55
  • √2.5 = 1.58
  • √2.9 = 1.70

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