Which best summarizes the flow of energy in a producer?

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Which best summarizes the flow of energy in a producer?Sun à ADP à muscle cells
Sun à mitochondria à C6H12O6
Sun à chloroplasts à mitochondria
Sun à mitochondria à chloroplasts


The statement that best summarizes the flow of energy in a producer is;
Sun > Chloroplasts > mitochondria.

During the process of photosynthesis; which plant uses to make their own food, light energy from the sunlight is used together with water and carbon dioxide to produce simple sugars. This process takes place in organelles called Chloroplasts. This energy is converted from light energy to chemical energy stored in simple sugars. Then the simple sugars are then used in the process of cellular respiration which takes place in the mitochondria, where glucose is broken down to release energy in the form of ATP, the conversion is from chemical energy to chemical energy. The energy is then used in the performing of cellular activities. 

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