Which sentence most clearly shows external conflict?

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Which sentence most clearly shows external conflict?A. Mufasa does not like having a reputation as an angry bully.
B. Minnie is not sure whether or not she wants to get married.
C. Liesel wants to get married, but her father disapproves.
D. Emil has an anger problem that makes it difficult for him to keep friendships.


The right option is C. Liesel wants to get married, but her father disapproves.

The sentence, Liesel wants to get married, but her father disapproves, most clearly shows external conflict.

External conflict is the conflict that occurs between a character (person) and others (opposing external forces). Conflicts in a story create tension, stakes and character development. External conflict can be grouped into four main types, which are (i) Character vs. character (ii) Character vs. society (iii) Character vs. nature and (iv)Character vs. technology.

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