Which of the following is an example of biotechnology?

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Which of the following is an example of biotechnology?A. Bacteria are genetically modified to produce a drug or vaccine.
B. Doctors study how blood flows through the circulatory system.
C. Scientists perform an acid-base reaction in a lab.
D. A new computer system that is faster than any previous one.


Bacteria are genetically modified to produce a drug or vaccine is an example of biotechnology.


The bacteria are used in genetic engineering or biotechnology because of its simple genome and high multiplication.

The bacteria consist of plasmid as an autonomous replicating body inside it.

The gene of interest is inserted in the plasmid by using restriction enzymes and the desired product is obtained.

The gene products are either vaccine or drug.

there are examples as tooth decaying bacteria is modified so that it causes no lactic acid corrosion.

Bacteria are used to produce antibiotics, drugs and vaccines using molecular cloning technique.

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