Terry made a plastic birdhouse with the dimensions shown below. How many square inches

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Terry made a plastic birdhouse with the dimensions shown below. How many square inchesof plastic did Terry use before cutting the hole?


The amount of square inches of plastic that Terry used before cutting the hole is; C: 376 square inches

Cuboid Surface Area

To solve this, we need to calculate the surface area of the cuboid.

The formula for the surface area of the cuboid is;

SA = 2lw + 2lh + 2hw

From the given diagram, we see that;

  • length; l = 8 inches
  • Width; w = 10 inches
  • Height; h = 6 inches


SA = 2(8 × 10) + 2(8 × 6) + 2(6 × 10)

SA = 160 + 96 + 120

SA = 376 square inches.

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