Which factor directly influenced the names of the theater companies?

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Which factor directly influenced the names of the theater companies? Read the excerpt from The Time Traveler’s Guide to Elizabethan England.
In their stead, people increasingly choose to see secular plays on historical and moral themes. These are performed up and down the country by theater companies called after lords, for example “Lord Sussex’s Men,” “Lord Strange’s Men,” “the Lord Admiral’s MEn,” and “Lord Leicester’s Men.” The reason for these names is that, while unattached actors are liable to be arrested for vagrancy, the Act of 1572 specifically excludes players properly authorized by lords from being considered vagabonds.
A. the Act of 1572*
B. the play Lord Sussex’s Men
C. the historical and moral themes
D. the leading actors
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The factor that directly influenced the names of the theater companies is: A. the Act of 1572.

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What is the Act of 1572?

The Act of 1572 is that which made provisions for specific details that will guide the naming of theatres. In the text, we can see that this Act excluded players who had authorization by lords to not be classified as vagabonds.

So, this Act played a major role in dictating the names of the theater companies.

Learn more about the theaters here:

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