Mohandas Gandhi sought to promote nationalism in India based on

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Mohandas Gandhi sought to promote nationalism in India based onA) Hindu principles.
B) Islamic principles.
C) nonalignment during the Cold War.
D) political independence from Britain.


The correct answer is Option D) Political independence from Britain.

Mohandas Gandhi sought to promote nationalism in India based on political independence from Britain.

Though a Hindu himself, Gandhi understood the diversity of the Modern India the British had created.

The British had conquered a vast land from modern-day Yemen to Myanmar. They named the whole area as ‘India’ which included numerous sects, religions and languages.

The only way to rally everyone against the British was to create a sense of unity. The only thing that united everyone in British India was their submission to Britain.

Hindu principles or Islamic principles alone would never have worked for him as it would have marginalized his support base.

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