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PLEASE HELPWhich results from water’s formation of hydrogen bonds?
a) Water has surface tension
b) Hydrogen and Oxygen form ionic bonds
c) Water is a versatile solvent
d) The specific heat of water is lower than most solids


Answer: a) Water has surface tension

Explanation: Surface tension is the property of a liquid to acquire spherical shape due to a net downward force acting on the molecules present on the surface of the liquid.

Presence of strong hydrogen bonds between the molecules of water increases the forces of attraction and thus water membrane acts like a stretched membrane due to which they acquire a spherical shape.

b) Hydrogen and Oxygen form covalent bonds as they are joined by sharing of electrons.

c) Water is a versatile solvent due to its high dielectric constant.

d) The specific heat of water is quite high due to presence of hydrogen bonds.

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