What were key factors in creating a strong wartime economy?

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What were key factors in creating a strong wartime economy?new technologies, new methodologies, full labor force, government direction
big business, immigration, government contracts, women joining the work force
propaganda campaign, WPB, wage freezes, African-American armed forces
TVA, wage freezes, full employment, women in the armed forces
government contracts, OWI, big business, new technologies


The key factors involved in creating a strong wartime economy were the introduction of new technologies and methodologies, a complete labor force, direction given by the government, enhanced business, and involvement of women.

What is a wartime economy?

A wartime economy is an economic phase where certain contingency factors are taken by the country to control the war production.

A strong wartime economy can be created by inventing new technologies and methods, involvement of the entire labor workforce, implementing directions of the government, joining females in the armed forces as well as in workforce propaganda by African American community, and contracts entered by the government could be the key components of warfare economy.

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