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NEED HELP ITS ON PLATOIdentify the European countries where each of these religions originated.HuguenotAnabaptistAnglicanPresbyteriancalvinist(details is the jpg)



  • Huguenot- France: They were an ethnoreligious group of French protestants. The term was usually used in reference to those of the Reformed Church of France during the time of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Anabaptist-  Switzerland: They were a radical religious group that developed from the teachings of Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli.
  • Anglican- England: It was one of the major branches after the 16th-century Protestant Reformation. It was a form of Christianity that had features of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.  
  • Presbyterian- Scotland: It was a part of the Reformed tradition within the Protestantism.
  • Calvinist- Switzerland: Also known as the Reformed Tradition, it was a major branch of Protestantism that follows the theological traditions and forms of Christian practice. It got its name after John Calvin.

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