Which triangles are congruent by SAS?

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Which triangles are congruent by SAS? A. ABC and TUVB. VTU and ABCC. VTU and HGFD. none of the above



Option A

Triangles ABC and TUV

Step-by-step explanation:

Given three triangles ABC , FGH and TUV

For triangles ABC and FGH, given that



and angle F = angle A

This cannot be taken as SAS congruence because the angle F is not included between the equal sides.  Two triangles can be congruent by SAS only if two sides and included angle are congruent.

For triangles ABC and TUV we have AB=TU, AC = TV and

included angles between these sides are equal.

So these two triangles are congruent

We write corresponding sides only in order Hence ABC = TUV

and Not VTU =ABC

So option A is true.

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