What reasons in this passage support using genetically modified foods?

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What reasons in this passage support using genetically modified foods? Many of the foods that are already common in our diet are obtained from plant varieties that were developed using conventional genetic techniques of breeding and selection. Hybrid corn, nectarines (which are genetically altered peaches), and tangelos (which are a genetic hybrid of a tangerine and grapefruit) are all examples of such breeding and selection. … Bioengineered foods and food ingredients (including food additives) must adhere to the same standards of safety under the Act that apply to their conventional counterparts. This means that these products must be as safe as the traditional foods in the market.


Reasons the passage supports genetically modified foods are:

  • Genetic modifications has been in existence for a long while now.
  • Countable number of foods have been genetically modified in some ways.
  • The safety standards held in conventional foods are also held in genetically modified foods.
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What is a genetically modified food?

These are foods derived from organisms whose genetic materials (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally.

It is believed and agreed that genetically modified foods are harmless and then same safety standards held for conventional foods are also held for genetically modified foods.

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