Which of these events occurred during the Ghana Empire

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Which of these events occurred during the Ghana EmpireA.Timbuktu was developed into a center of learning.
B.Islam was introduced into the West African region.
C.Moroccan invaders conquered the empire.
D.A large amount of technology was developed.


The correct answer is B) Islam was introduced into the West Africa region.

What occurred during the Ghana empire was that Islam was introduced into the West Africa region.

Islam spread its teachings from Asia to the West region of Africa in the 7th century CE. The Ghana Empire was one of the most important West African Empires from the 6th century to the 13 century CE. It was located in what today is Sudan. They were known to be good treaders and when they establish contact with Muslims from Asia to trade, that is when Islam spread in West Africa. The Ghan empire traded gold, iron, copper, and ivory.

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