Which statement best summarizes the outcome of the haitian revolution?

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Which statement best summarizes the outcome of the haitian revolution?a) victorious haitian rebels ended slavery and executed thousands of former slave owners
b) french colonists viciously put down the rebellion and kept haiti allied with france
c) the united states sent troops to support the rebels and help establish a democracy
d) France agreed to abolish slavery in exchange for continued control over haiti


The correct answer is option “A”

The outcome of the haitian revolution was due to the victorious haitian rebels who ended slavery and executed thousands of former slave owners.

The Haitian Revolution (1791 – 1804) was carried out by self-liberated slaves against French colonial rule in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti nation). This revolution was the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a slavery free state which became ruled by non-whites and former captives. The abolition of slavery in the French former colony which allowed haitians’ independence from white Europeans challenged the European beliefs about the slaves’ capacity to gain and maintain their own freedom.

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