What are the domain and range of the function below?

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What are the domain and range of the function below?



Domain is the set of all real numbers

Range is the set of all real numbers.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given a graph with curve which has y intercept -5, and x intercept 5.

The graph is  continuous at all points of x and y

We find that the graph is a straight line with positive slope of the form

x/5 +y/-5=1

Or x-y =5

The graph is defined for all values of x and y.

The domain is the set of values x can take  

In the graph horizontal axis is x axis.

Hence from the graph we see that x can take values from -infinity to + infinity

Hence domain is x = R

For range, we consider the values of y as per graph.

WE find that y is  taking values in the interval (-infinity, infinity)

Hence Range =R

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