A food worker is cooking a whole leg of lamb.

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A food worker is cooking a whole leg of lamb. What minimum internal temperature must the lamb reach?
A. 135*F
B. 145*F
C. 155*F


The lamb must reach the minimum internal temperature of 145 degree F.

Minimum internal temperature

• It is the minimum temperature at which the pathogens get eliminated.

• It is essential to attain the right temperature of the food to destroy the harmful pathogens so that it can be consumed safely.

• The minimum internal temperature of 145 degree F is important to achieve for minimum upto 4 minutes in case of roasts beef, pork, and lamb.

• A minimum internal temperature of 135 degree F is important for processed and ready to eat foods.

• A minimum temperature of 155 degree F is applied to ground and injected meat, ground seafood, and eggs, which are served hot.

• A minimum temperature of 165 degree F is applied to poultry products.

Thus, a minimum internal temperature to be attained for a whole leg of lamb should be 145 degree F.

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