Which of the following can be cofactors? organic molecules,  inorganic molecules,  anions,  cations

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Which of the following can be cofactors? organic molecules,  inorganic molecules,  anions,  cations


The substances and ions which can be cofactors are: inorganic molecules and cations.

An enzyme can be defined as a biological catalyst that is used to speed up (increase) or catalyze (accelerate) the rate of a chemical reaction, by lowering (decreasing) the activation energy of its constituent chemical elements (reactants).

Generally, there are four factors which affect the actions of an enzyme and these include:

  • Logarithmic concentration of hydrogen (pH).
  • Temperature.
  • Allosteric inhibitors.
  • Cofactors.

However, an enzyme may or may not require the use of cofactors.

Also, cofactors are non-protein (inorganic) chemical compounds and as such can either be metals,  inorganic molecules or cations.

In conclusion, inorganic molecules and cations can be cofactors.

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