Which exponential function has an initial value of 2?

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Which exponential function has an initial value of 2?f(x) = 2(3x)
f(x) = 3(2x)


The exponential function has an initial value of 2. The correct option is 1.

What are exponential functions?

When the expression of function is such that it involves the input to be present as an exponent (power) of some constant, then such function is called exponential function.

Their usual form is specified below. They are written in several such equivalent forms.

For example, , where a is a constant is an exponential function.

In option 1, the given function is

Thus, the initial value is 2. hence, the correct option is 1.

In option 2, the given function is

Thus, the initial value is 3. hence option 2 is incorrect.

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