California law makes it mandatory that every vehicle (except a motorcycle) have 2 functional tail lamps that are visible ______________.

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California law makes it mandatory that every vehicle (except a motorcycle) have 2 functional tail lamps that are visible ______________.


In Californian state law it has been made mandatory for all vehicles other than bikes, scooters to install a tail lamp to their vehicles that should be visible from at least 1000 feet from all distances.

The rule was passed after making an amendment into the law by passing a resolution to minimize the risks of road and car accidents that were growing in huge numbers in the state due to rash drivings.

  • The weather in the California is always cold and owing to this there are higher chances of roads being covered under fogs making the visibility on the road much lesser.
  • Due to such fog on the roads it became very common that there were road accidents due to less visibility while driving leading to deaths and the number went increasing
  • To curb the risks of road accidents a law was passed in the late Twentieth century by the state’s authorities to have at least two tail lamps installed on the vehicle with lights being visible from 1000 feet.
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Hence, the Californian law makes it mandatory for every vehicle to have two functional tail lamps that are visible from a distance of at least 1000 feet from the vehicle.

To know more about California law, click the link below.

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