Which statement best describes a business creating an incentive?

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Which statement best describes a business creating an incentive?A. A factory increases production to respond to growing demand.
B. A restaurant offers a discounted price on a new type of dish.
C. A car dealership increases the price on a car when it becomes
more popular
D. A retailer stops carrying a product that doesn’t sell well in its


When B. A restaurant offers a discounted price on a new type of dish, this is an incentive being created.

An incentive refers to something that would encourage an action. An incentive in terms of business would be something that:

  • Encourages more sales to be made
  • Encourages staff to be more productive in producing and/ or selling goods.

The restaurant in this scenario is trying to encourage more sales of a new type of dish so they reduced the price so that more people would buy.

In conclusion, reducing the price of the dish was done to encourage more sales of the dish which makes this an incentive.

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