How did the Ojibwe protect walleye populations?

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How did the Ojibwe protect walleye populations? a.) they count the total number of walleye eggs that a female lays each year.b.) did you Spears to catch walleye.c.) they only fish for walleye at night.d.) they said a limit on the number and size of Walleye a spearfisher can catch.​


The Ojibwe protected walleye populations as D. They said a limit on the number and size of Walleye a spearfisher can catch.

Wisconsin Walleye War was a series of protests regarding the fishing and hunting rights of the Ojibwes. Wisconsin wanted to regulate the rights of the people whenever they went fishing and hunting.

The protest eventually led to the state speaking to the people. This resulted in a resolution that there should be a limit on the number and size of Walleye a spearfisher can catch.

This was necessary in order to preserve the walleye for future generations.

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