Fill In The Blanks BIG POINTS!!!

One latter schools question and answer asked students to indicate what they agree to is the most crucial important factor for a student to do if they wanted to become success. One which response stood out from the rest was practice. Successful people are definitely not born successful; they become successful with hard work and dedication. This is how you can accomplish your goals. in the following paragraphs are one of the answer and question example that you will possibly work with to practice and enrich your information and also give you insights that could just help you to maintain your study in school.


Fill In The Blanks BIG POINTS!!!Yo mucho los fines de semana; mi hermana, por el contrario (on the other hand), no tanto como yo. Los sábados con mis amigos, pero los domingos todos con nuestras familias.
Perdone señor, ¿cuánto esos zapatos de ? ¿Cuánto el bolso que hay los zapatos? ¡Uy! ¡Qué ! A ver si lo más barato.


The missing words are ‘duermo‘ (1), ‘duerme’ (2), ‘almuerzo; (3), ‘almorzamos’ (4). ‘cuestan‘ and ‘allá’ (5), ‘cuesta‘ and ‘detrás’ (6) and ‘caro’ and ‘encuentro‘.

What does the Spanish verb ‘dormir’ mean?

The Spanish verb ‘dormir‘ means ‘to sleep’ in Engish (in the first sentence it is ‘I sleep too much’).

Moreover, the Spanish verb ‘almorzar‘ is indicating ‘to lunch’ in the Engish language (e.g., I lunch).

In conclusion, the missing words are ‘duermo‘ (1), ‘duerme’ (2), ‘almuerzo; (3), ‘almorzamos’ (4). ‘cuestan‘ and ‘allá’ (5), ‘cuesta‘ and ‘detrás’ (6) and ‘caro’ and ‘encuentro‘.

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Learn more about Spanish verbs here:


From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they can possibly help the student deal with the question they had been looking for and take notice of everything stated in the answer above. You can then have a discussion with your classmate and continue the school learning by studying the problem together.

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