How many valence electrons are in the trimethylammonium ion ch33nh+ ?

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How many valence electrons are in the trimethylammonium ion ch33nh+ ?


A valence electron is “an electron that is associated with an atom, and that can participate in the formation of a chemical bond“.

Valence electrons of trimethylammonium ion (ch33nh+)          

The formula to calculate valence electrons are

Total valence electrons = valence electrons of central atomvalence electrons of surrounding atom

                                          = 5 – 24

                                          = 19

There is positive charge on Nitrogen atom, so it represents an electron deficit.

so, 19 – 1 = 18 valence electrons.

What is an atom?

Atom is “the smallest unit of a matter”.

What is chemical bond?

Chemical bond “is the bond that holds atoms together”.

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Hence, there are 18 valence electrons in trimethylammonium ion.

To learn more about valence electrons here


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