Which of the following is an example of semantic noise?

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Which of the following is an example of semantic noise?a. listening to gangster rap music for the first time
b. not being able to see the blackboard from the back of the class
c. getting advice from a disreputable source
d. staying at a hostile environment


The option that is an example of semantic noise is letter A. listening to gangster rap music for the first time.

  • In communication, semantic noise can be described as ambiguity, that is, words or phrases that have different interpretations.
  • When semantic noise occurs, the speaker and the listener interpret the same words differently.
  • Now, someone who has never listened to gangster rap music before will experience semantic noise.
  • This person will listen to words in the song being used with a different connotation, with meanings belonging to the gangster world.
  • In conclusion, letter A is the best option when it comes to semantic noise.
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