Which of the following words best describes Africa? A. Country B. Continent C. Desert D. River

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Which of the following words best describes Africa? A. Country B. Continent C. Desert D. River


The correct option is B

Africa is the third largest continent, after Asia and America. It is located between the Atlantic oceans, to the west, the Indian Ocean, to the east. The Mediterranean Sea separates it north of the European continent; the point where the two continents are closest is the 14.4 km wide Strait of Gibraltar. The Red Sea separates it to the east of the Arabian peninsula and it is united to Asia through the isthmus of Suez, in Egyptian territory. It has a total area of ​​30 272 922 km² (621 600 km² in insular mass), which represents 20.4% of the total land surface of the planet. The population is one billion inhabitants, less than 15% of the world total. The continent is divided into 54 sovereign states, plus two states with limited recognition and two dependent territories.

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