For what value of c is the function one-to one? {(1,2),(2,3)(3,5),(4,7),(5,11)(6,c)}

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For what value of c is the function one-to one? {(1,2),(2,3)(3,5),(4,7),(5,11)(6,c)}


Answer:  any positive integer   that is ^{\mathbb{Z}^+} > 11 can be the value of c


c can not take any value less than 11 or even 11 because if we look at the graph of these points they will give the increasing line curve.

if c has value less than 11  the curve gets discontinuous by the below definition

one-one function is the function in which every element of range that is Y corresponds unique element of domain that is X. and if it passes the vertical and horizontal line test then it the function is one-one.

so if c takes value less than 11 the vertical line test fails and contradiction arises for one-one function.

Hence, c takes positive integer greater than 11.

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